ITL Wire Brush

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Please make sure to change Wire brush with every change of Blade/Cutter. Make sure that wire brush touches blade/cutter making positive contact with the blade gullet. Proper use of wire brush will improve Blade/Cutter life. Chip removing is necessary for better surface finish. Wire brush prevents chip jamming in Blade Guides. ITL Wire Brush 3” Hard Suitable for ITL Nano Machine. ITL Wire Brush 3” Soft Suitable for ITL CSNC Machine. ITL Wire Brush 4” Soft Suitable for ITL CSNC Machine. ITL Wire Brush 6” Hard Suitable for ITL Band Saw Machine.

ITL Tension Meter

Correct Band Tension is vital to ensure cut straightness. The ITL Tension Meter quickly & simply measures the exact blade tension while it is mounted on the band. Recommended pressure is provided with the machine manual. This will help to avoid off square cutting through low tension & blade breakage and machine damage through excessively high tension.

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Now ITL can do complete repairing of your used Circular Saw cutters (like re-sharpening, re-tipping, distortion correction, re-tensioning etc.) ranging from Diameter 250 mm to 900 mm of any Tooth Profile & Geometry. This can bring down your cost per-cut significantly.
* Re-Sharpening is possible only when cutter body is intact and not damaged.

Micromist cooling system is used for applying a thin film of microlube to either bandsaw or circular blades to reduce cutting friction, heat generated and prevent sticking of swarf on the blade tips Benefits : Precise dispensing gives the user the ability to eliminate mess associated with flood coolant, cutting chips that are dry (gives max. recycle sell value), and reduces cutting forces to maximise sawing productivity..

Mist Oil
Mist Oil

ITL Microlube Fluid is a premium plant-based metal cutting lubricant that provides highest lubricity to the cutting edge of any tool and cleans-up the disposal. ITL Microlube is 100% environmentally safe.

FE 3000 Suitable for Ferrous Materials.

FE ECO – Suitable for Ferrous Materials

AL 5000 Suitable for Aluminium.

NF 1000 Suitable for Non Ferrous Materials.

SS SPL Suitable for Stainless Steel

Note: Change in feature/construction may be possible as it is continuous process of modification/development. Please get confirmation before ordering.